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News Media – Enemy of the People

Reading Time: < 1 minute “The enormity of what’s happening in media cannot be ignored. If an attorney held a press conference and said she has evidence exonerating her client, the press should NOT cut away and substitute its own judgement, claiming no proof. That’s acting as a party in interest, not press.” Jenna Ellis

Reconcile The Two, Red vs. Blue – May 3, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chicago Mayor Threatens Arrest for businesses that want to Open Pinellas Business Owner Arrested for Violating Safer-At-Home Order Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Pinellas Park business owner accused of operating a nonessential business. PINELLAS PARK, FL — Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Pinellas Park business owner…

Trump Comments on General Flynn

Reading Time: < 1 minute President Trump says he would be open to bringing General Flynn back to his administration “It looks to me like Michael Flynn will be exonerated.” Trump declared May 1, 2020 as Law Day! Sydney Powell said on Sean Hannity’s radio show that she would like to see General Mike Flynn’s…

Ezra Cohen-Watnick and His Involvement in Spygate.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Flynn “going down” was part of “The Plan.” Trump and his team knew that DS (Deep State)was illegally spying on Trump, Flynn, and others. They also knew that DS had lots of corrupt prosecutors and judges installed, which would have made prosecutions impossible early on. They needed a way to…


Reading Time: < 1 minute

Mashup Nancy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s a mashup of Nancy Pelosi responding to a question about Tara Reade compared to how she handled Christine Blasey Ford.

Dr. Kalcker: Why Chlorine Dioxide Works Against Covid-19, A Scientfic Approach

Reading Time: 5 minutes Next, I would like to present this 8-minute audio presentation from my colleague, biophysicist Andreas Kalcker. Dr. Kalcker wrote the parasite protocol included in my book, Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism. He has been involved with chlorine dioxide research for 13 years and has 3 pharmaceutical patents. Safety and Track Record Of…


Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s been a lot of discussion lately on reopening the country versus keeping it closed. Has been a big push of propaganda lately about calling individuals that want to get back to work selfish.  The individuals that actually want to get back to work or being labeled selfish there are…