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Posts published in “Space”

Dragon Crew Training

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Once Demo-2 is complete, and the SpaceX and NASA teams have reviewed all the data for certification, SpaceX will launch Crew Dragon’s first six-month operational mission (Crew-1) later this year. The Crew-1 spacecraft is in production and astronaut training is well underway.

SpaceX told NASA that — before it flies astronauts to the Moon in 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Orbital flight with Super Heavy Reflight Long duration orbital flight Beyond LEO flight Lunar landing demo mission in 2022 I believe it. They have made very good progress on the SN4 fabrication and testing. A beehive of activity at SpaceX’s Texas Starship factory today. SN4 being readied for static fire…

Artemis – The USA Returns to the Moon

Reading Time: 4 minutes NASA Selects Blue Origin, Dynetics, SpaceX for Artemis Human Landers NASA announced that three U.S. companies will develop the human landers that will land astronauts on the Moon beginning in 2024 as part of the Artemis program. These human landers are the final piece of the transportation chain required for sustainable human…