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I know the GME v. Wall Street saga is going on, but respectfully not me, but this movement needs your help. I did hours of research, just to show you how grave this situation is. Some of you told me you thought I didn’t give enough evidence as to why these audits are illegitimate. I am going to put some cards on the table that I really shouldn’t, but I feel enough of what I have already posted has since hit local news in Arizona and elsewhere, but I need you to understand the gravity of this situation in Maricopa County, Arizona, and the audit that is taking place on February 2nd and 8th to hopefully create a unified voice we can direct at the board of supervisors in Maricopa County, and the legislature. This will be long but bear with me, it’s important.

Why are they doing a non-legitimate audit of Maricopa County? What does it even matter?

This goes back to Dominion. Dominion (And Eric Coomer) are currently suing Rudy Giuliani for defamation for $1.3 billion dollars, Sidney Powell is being sued for defamation for $1.3 billion dollars, and are also going to file the same lawsuit against: Joseph Oltmann, Michelle Malkin, Eric Metaxas, Chanel Rion, James Hoft, Russell Ramsland Jr. (ASOG), L. Lin Wood, Mike Lindell (My Pillow CEO), Patrick Byrne, Lou Dobbs, Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, One America News Network (OAN), Melissa Carone (Witness in MI), and The Epoch Times. They also plan on suing Donald Trump himself, and members of his family.

Also, Dominion plans to doxx myself and ASOG’s entire team through their “doxxing” legal strategy via Michigan’s 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer approving their doxxing January 11th, making our names public record. They plan to file defamation lawsuits, bankrupt us, and probably do much more than just that.

Back to why this audit matters. These sham audits, recounts, etc, that have been done in places like Georgia, are going to be used as evidence in these cases to prove basically every key member or contributor in the MAGA movement, and bankrupt them. There’s more. They cannot impeach Trump- don’t have the votes. But they are planning on “censuring” Trump (requires less votes than impeachment). I don’t know what that specifically entails, besides I was told it would bar him from running for political office. I know this is probably patently illegal/unconstitutional, but take a look around and ask yourself is something unconstitutional actually being carried out that shocking?

They want to shut down every media outlet, demolish every member of the MAGA movement top to bottom with these lawsuits, they aren’t hot air.

Also, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico are looking to audit Dominion, and are watching AZ closely. This sham audit is completed, these states aren’t going further with anything. Also, Dominion is also expanding into other states, this sham audit goes through, your voting rights will go from meaningless to nonexistent.

Who is auditing Maricopa Co. And why?

First off, Maricopa Counties Board of Supervisors have denied the physical ballots to the state legislature. The state legislature is trying to conduct their own audit, who I have spoken with, which WOULD be 100% legitimate, but without your voice, it’ll never happen. I do know Dr. Rapacki, I do know what he is saying. I don’t know if he’s mistaken or if the interviews that have popped up are old, but currently:

Quote (Jan. 28): “Maricopa County will contract with two companies, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance, to conduct the audit. Those are the only two auditors certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, according to county spokesman Fields Moseley. A proposed settlement agreement between the Senate and the county would require the Senate to use an EAC-approved auditor.

Meaning, the independent team I was to be a part of that should be auditing Dominion in AZ, could not be used as was planned by the state legislature as none of us are EAC certified.

Pro V&V and SLI Compliance are the two companies auditing Dominion. Why is that? The EAC has basically duopolized election system certification to these two companies. How did this happen? Jessica Bowers, recently the director of certification for Dominion and a 10-year veteran with them, became the EAC’s CIO. So basically, Dominion- an elections systems company, got their own employee to in effect lead the agency responsible for certifying them for use.

Let me share with you what these two companies are.

Pro V&V: Pro V&V were just backdoored accreditation by the EAC, they actually had no accreditation to certify Dominion for the 2020 election, as their accreditation lapsed in 2017. Pro V&V also sits on the CISA council WITH Dominion. Only three employees can be found belonging to Pro V&V, who supposedly operate out of a small single office suite.

First on the docket, their “audit” of Dominion for GA SoS Raffensberger:

What was this audit actually? They extracted the software and checked the components to ensure they were the same as what they themselves certified for use. No vulnerabilities testing, no analysis of the source code, nothing.

If you take a look here, and this damns them beyond just a conflict of interest in auditing Dominion, Pro V&V actually stated in court, quote: ““plainly indicated that he actually claims no specialized knowledge or background in cybersecurity engineering and did not himself perform any security risk analysis of the BMD [Ballot Marking Device] system.”” “State Defendants relied on Dr. (Eric) Coomer’s testimony, to address—based on his professional experience—some of the significant cybersecurity issues raised by Plaintiffs.”

So Pro V&V stated in court, A.) They’re morons who shouldn’t be auditing a paper bag let alone technology, and B. Relied on a senior Dominion employee that Dominion was safe, secure, and certified for use in the 2020 election.

The president of V&V (I don’t want to call them pro’s) also audited the 2019 Philippines election, which I would probably shock you by telling you they found no fraud. V&V also have reported no revenue since 2011 to the SEC. Multiple studies have shown the Philippines elections for quite some time have been fraudulent. Most notably, the “Hello Garci” scandal.

SLI Compliance: SLI Compliance is even more shady than Pro V&V if you thought that was even possible. Ironically, SLI were also called in by the Phillipines to audit their 2010 election. SLI’s last audit before 2020 was in 2013 in Colorado, that’s it. SLI also have no publicly listed current EAC accreditation similar to V&V. SLI certified Dominion just like Pro V&V did for use in the 2020 election, namely in Pennsylvania.

SLI’s parent company is GLI LLC (Gaming Labs International, LLC), who certify gambling machines for casinos. They are owned by James Maida, who was a NJ Gaming Commission attorney. Interestingly, Gaming regulators in Nevada levied a $125,000 fine against GLI for integrity breach and systems testing omissions. The fine is the largest ever levied against a test lab. GLI has also been fined in Tennessee and Missouri for testing errors.

What can and/or what do we do?

We need to blow this up huge. I know some of you are very pessimistic, but I hope I’ve underscored the gravity of this situation. We need to organize, e-mail and call every single person who can make a change, and at the very least- let them know we know this audit is a sham, and request an open and transparent audit of people who do not have a conflict of interest, who know what they’re doing, and do not have little to any credibility. The legislature in AZ is on our side, the Board of Maricopa Co. is not. Here are the contact details, please, e-mail, and call, and make your voice heard.

House of Representatives & Senate Contact Info:

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