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Illinois Governor’s stay-at-home order infringes civil liberties, rules judge

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By John Solomon

State Rep. Darren Bailey won his court case against the governor’s executive order on Monday

An Illinois judge on Monday ruled that Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order to slow the coronavirus violates individual civil rights.

Republican Rep. Darren Bailey sought a temporary restraining order against the governor’s executive order.

Clay County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney sided with Bailey. Pritzker’s executive order, designed to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, has been in effect since April 2.

Pritzker says he will move swiftly to overturn the judge’s order. Technically, the judge’s order applies only to Bailey, but creates significant ground for other individual people and organizations to challenge the governor’s order.

Pritzker called Bailey’s actions “insulting” and “dangerous,” saying that “people’s safety and health have now been put at risk.”

Bailey told reporters outside the courthouse that citizens must challenge government power to stand up for their civil liberties. He also said that everyone should continue to “take certain precautions, but not to be limited by government.”

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