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Alexander Nix

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Questioning of Alexander Nix from the Intelligence committee. Below are a few interesting notes from the interview.

Alpha Bank

Why did the legal team assume there was a Russian Bank “Alpha Bank” linked to the Trump Admin.

Q. Important Questions: Is Alpha Bank a Russian Based Bank?

Q. What was this question asked?

The questions asked were trying to get an idea of the strategy of the overall campaign.

Assumption. Republicans were targeted and promoted to get out and vote. The individual asking the question assumed that the strategy to deal with the Democrat targeted voters would be to try and suppress the vote. Alexander dismissed this charge and was opposed to the assumption.

Odd Series of Questions… Seems like fishing.

They are asking questions about who Alexander talked with on WhatsApp

Alexander doesn’t think its possible to develop a similar Cambridge analytics like company in the time that Russia had. He thinks its unrealistic.

The commission asked two pages of questions about Brexit and the EU and their independence from them. Alexander thought that the line of questioning was odd and asked what these questions had to do with Russian Interference in US Election.

Also asked about Le Pen’s Campaign, Brexit and EU

Finally got to a mention of General Flynn

Page 91

The series of questions regarding associations. A lot of names that have been in the media.

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