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Dirty Cop James Comey Got Caught

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By Anon

In the last days POTUS and his administration have been ramping up the rhetoric in pace with the revelations on the Spygate scandal.

James Comey has every reason to be worried about the release of previously classified intel on his misdeeds, building momentum to what appears to be imminent criminal indictments for the coup plotters.

Right now, the declas is stemming from the Flynn prosecution, where his attorney Sidney Powell is uncovering an unbelievable degree of prosecutorial misconduct that amounts to criminal behavior.

The latest grotesque revelation is that FBI leaders (“7th Floor”) acted to keep the investigation on General Flynn from being closed, as the agents involved had moved to do.

Unsurprisingly, left to their devices, FBI agents didn’t find anything on the good General, and even drafted a memorandum to close the investigation.

That’s when higher-ups sent the lovely Peter Strzok to do their dirty work.

Strzok reaches frantically to the case agent. Celebrates his success with his lover, Special Counsel Lisa Page, saying that “our utter incompetence actually helps us”. He informs a supervisor of the case agent: “7th Floor is involved”.

And this horrendous miscarriage of justice comes a couple of days after other bombshell revelation: you may not believe that FBI agents would leave +++handwritten proofs+++ of their misbehavior – but they did!

And here it is, by the hand of Bill Priestap, head of Counterintelligence Division: he questions if “the goal is to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

If you don’t know who the hell is Bill Priestap or why he is important, let me just say he is the direct boss of Strozk.

Yes, Peter Strozk of the Hillary email investigation cover-up. Peter Strozk of the Wiener laptop, of the Flynn perjury trap. Peter Strozk of the Mueller Special Council team of rogues. Peter-freaking-Strozk.

All in line with a master plan best described by McCabe’s infamous tirade: “First we Fuck Flynn, then we Fuck Trump!”

So they trapped General Flynn and many other people around POTUS they best they could.

With Sessions recused from all things Russia, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein advised POTUS to fire Comey, but after the ousted director leaks his ‘memos’ to the press, he sees fit to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the Russian interference fake allegations.

Q has shown us this disturbing game-chat conversations about Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller, suggesting he has been blackmailed by the Coup plotters. It is a golden opportunity to look behind the veil that only #QAnon gives us.

Bob Mueller spent 2 years and millions of dollars in his partisan witch hunt only to come empty-handed, scoring only minor prosecutions unrelated to the Trump campaign or Russia in any way.

Hacks like Corney hyped up his appearance before congress only to be bitterly disappointed. With Barr at the helm, with access to all classified information, Mueller had no room for maneuvers.

With all the exculpatory evidence surfacing, we know that the Grand Jury phase of Durham prosecution has to be all but over, and Corney is at a very high position in the list of targets. So Q shows us how Corney attempts to “paint the Roses red”. It’s not happening.

We are about to witness the onset of the greatest political scandal of the American History. And the coup plotters face prosecution under Chapter 115 of U.S. Law: Treason.

Prosecution is in the hands of the best and most badass prosecutor in the land: U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham.

AG William Barr knows where he is getting into, and is not afraid of attacks.

POTUS openly calls it like it is: TREASON.

Now that the Corn-ey is ready for harvesting, lets take a quick look at some of the Q drops about “Lying, Leaking James”.

Drop 10 reminded us that FBI and Military Intelligence had (have?) ongoing investigations on the Clinton Foundation. Drop 36 has the intel that Corney was forced by White Hats to address the Hillary emails on the verge of the election.

Remember: Corney and Strozk dealt together with the Hillary emails on Weiner laptop.

At some point, the problems for Corney began to include the need for the silence of his accomplices, like McCabe.

Here, we have the tweet by JC about McCabe ‘translated’ to the threat that it is.

Panic in DC: people started to flip on Corney and his masters.

Q and POTUS react to Corney’s deposition to Congress: the main pipeline, and the backchannel.

Q taunts Corney’s tweet, implying he has been cut off from intel channels he once had.

The attacks from POTUS to Corney intensify.

Time after time, POTUS warns that the illegal espionage that took place means TREASON.

Q lets us knows the Corn(ey) is ripe for harvesting.

POTUS echoes that: CROOKED COP!

As the exculpatory evidence surfaces, POTUS supports the exoneration of all the people framed by the Coup plotters.

I love this: Q posts a POTUS retweet of Dan Scavino posting a #QAnon meme. It’s like: Q>>Q+>>Q>>Q

So, when Barr says there’s far more troubling issues than FISA frauds to surface, we know that’s about U.S Law, Chapter 115 – TREASON.

Barr also let it clear that the election calendar shall not influence the prosecution deadlines.

Since they have gamed this situation a million times, Q lets us know how it will play out.

One step at a time.

Chapter 115.

Boom week ahead! Gear up for the storm unleashed.


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