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DCNF Reporter Luke Rosiak Digs Deeper Into Imran Awan IT Scandal And It’s Not Good News For Democrats

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Original Article Date: April 02, 2018 12:12 PM ET

Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Luke Rosiak said Democrats exhibited terrible judgement in the wake of the House IT scandal Monday on Fox Business and questioned why they still haven’t taken action.

The Awan brothers — who worked as IT aides for many Democratic members of Congress, including Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — have been the focus of an investigation into security practices on Capitol Hill.

The brothers were not given background checks before being given access to highly sensitive government information and no explanations have been given as to why.

“The House policy actually says that background checks are required, but if you delve into the fine print there’s technically a loophole that these members may have been able to invoke that essentially allowed another member just to vouch for them,” Rosiak said on “Mornings With Maria.”

“Before you turn over the passwords that give the guys access to all of the emails of the members of Congress and every file on their hard drives and all the staffers’ hard drives — they just kind of ask casually ask a friend, ask a fellow member of Congress and fill out this form — and turns out that all 44 members who employed Imran Awan, they never ran a background check,” he said.

“If they would have run this background check it would have found out not only multiple criminal convictions, but $1 million bankruptcy, a dozen lawsuits … it would have found a whole host of major red flags and the Democrats didn’t do any of those checks,” Rosiak added. “As a result they gave these guys access access to everything and IG determined that they were funneling data off the House network.”

Rosiak said the entire scandal is becoming a Democratic cover up as investigators have been blocked from looking any deeper into the matter.

“There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment suspected to have been stolen and that’s basically what the IG started investigating and then it found that data was coming off the network too. And we don’t know exactly what the data was. We know that it had, quote, sensitive file names according to the IG. And the reason we don’t know more because the House actually blocked investigators from looking at some of the stuff,” Rosiak said. “This is a cover-up.”

“This is the biggest story that you never hear about,” he continued. “It’s a hack on the Congress by foreigners and the Democrats didn’t care about it, they didn’t stop it. These are the same people who were talking constantly about cyber breaches and Russia. And if you care about one, you’ve got to care about the other. So why haven’t they addressed it?”

Rosiak thinks Democrats are silent on the scandal because it would interfere with their Russian hacking narrative and affect their grasp on power.

“It basically destroys that Russian narrative just because it shows that they didn’t actually care about cyber-security and they haven’t responded to this. And thirdly, it could just be a question of, do these guys have something on members of Congress?” he concluded.

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