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Ezra Cohen-Watnick and His Involvement in Spygate.

Last updated on May 6, 2020

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Flynn “going down” was part of “The Plan.” Trump and his team knew that DS (Deep State)was illegally spying on Trump, Flynn, and others. They also knew that DS had lots of corrupt prosecutors and judges installed, which would have made prosecutions impossible early on.

They needed a way to make the DS think Trump was a bumbling fool to buy time to set the stage: remove dirty prosecutors, replace them with clean prosecutors, and install new, honest judges. 

  • Flynn was the director of DIA. 
  • Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. 
  •  Flynn has the intel. 

The reasons above are why Flynn is a severe threat to the DS. Trump brought Flynn into the administration early on.

Flynn set up the DS. He knew the DS had info about his interactions with Kislyak, but that they did not obtain that info legally. So, he put out the word through TV interviews by lying about it (on TV), directly and indirectly through Pence and Spicer (who might or might not have known it was a lie). The lies prompted the DS to try and get him to lie to the FBI so they could prosecute him and get him out of the administration.

But when the FBI interviewed him, he didn’t lie. That’s a problem for the DS because it is not illegal to lie on TV, and he did not lie to the FBI. So, the corrupt leadership in the FBI did what they always have done – they “made-up” charges, falsified 302’s, and charged him, anyway.

Then, Flynn surprised them by pleading guilty to something they knew he didn’t do and subsequently withdrawing that guilty plea (they expected the guilty plea, but did not expect him to turn around and remove it). DS has had to hide the info all this time because they cannot prosecute Flynn since they knew he didn’t lie to the FBI (which is what he was charged with). It is the FBI who committed the crime of the frame-up, and the DOJ lawyers who conspired through their dirty prosecution. Also, it now appears that Flynn’s original defense team was even conspiring against him.

Although Flynn had the intel, it was classified. That is why Ezra Cohen-Watnick became involved.

Cohen was Flynn’s protege at DIA. Flynn brought Cohen into the White House with him. Cohen is the one who alerted Devin Nunes in the early days about the illegal unmasking by Samantha Powers and started Congress on their investigation of the Witch Hunt.

McMasters (DS stooge) tried to get Cohen out of the White House, remember? Eventually, Cohen left the White House and was hired by AG Sessions at the DOJ. A military intel guy at the Department of Justice? Why?

Cohen has a top-secret (or above) security clearance. He was Flynn’s protege at the DIA, after all. At the DOJ, he acted as the secret liaison between Flynn and the DOJ. This is how Flynn got his classified DIA intel about various crimes to the DOJ.

The intel was classified, so it had to be relayed through classified channels. At some point, though, it had to be declassified so prosecutors and grand juries could analyze and hear the evidence. This was when Trump gave AG Barr declassification authorization, which allowed Cohen to relay the intel to Durham (and possibly other prosecutors who are still working in secret). It was Barr’s job to work with Cohen and Durham on this, leaving Trump out of it.

Once the lid is blown off the frame job that FBI did on Flynn, the FISA declassification will be made public, which will expose the entire illegal spy op against Flynn (and Trump, who was the real target).

Strozk ran the illegal spy op, and he was also the FBI/CIA liaison (a unique position created by Congress).

That brings John Brennan into the picture, which then brings Christopher Steele into the picture, which then brings the DNC into the picture, which then brings Hillary Clinton into the picture, which then brings Barrack Obama into the picture.

FISA brings down the house. 

The Obama White House.

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