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Thoughts on the Wuhan Virus -> Covid-19

Last updated on May 6, 2020

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It is my Professional opinion that the Covid-19 pandemic pandemonium was knowingly clouded with confusion and most likely a scare tactic. In China, there was two propaganda pushes, one was that the virus is just like the flu, and the other was that the CCP was shutting down cities. If it’s just like the flu why are cities being shut down? All public policy decisions were based on simulations (models), wherein the input data was sketchy at best. Real data is now emerging that demonstrates that all predictive models were fundamentally flawed. It is now clear that the virus is real, but the pandemic is not.

The question I am asking is “Was this an honest mistake or intentional?” I’m leaning towards intentional, i.e., a planned scare, based on the following:

1. Professionals are fully aware of the inherent limitations of predictive models, yet key “Experts” led the charge with little-to-no resistance from their peers. Models are used to move people in a certain direction. They moved the public into the direction of Shutdowns. We Shutdown, based on models, which we know can it be accurate. We have data now, and the data is telling us that the models were doom and gloom and the Virus is more like the flu.

2. Over 130 countries have signed-on and then closed their borders, shutdown their economies, and imposed significant restrictions on their healthy citizens. [Historically, it’s difficult to get countries to agree on anything, yet they quickly signed-on to this.]

3. News media – in unison – began reporting the events unfolding in China and then pontificating on how it would negatively affect the world, having little-to-no data to back-up their assertions.

4. Very early on, high profile individuals (celebrities, royalty, sports figures, politicians, business leaders, etc.) where either contracting the virus – a statistical oddity in-and-of-itself – and/or sheltering in place, and then used social media to advise us to do the same. Fear porn.

5. The entertainment industry quickly complied, major sporting events were cancelled, movie and theaters closed, casinos closed, major resort venues closed, etc., representing a loss of billions, with little-to-no objections.

6. Universally, advertisers reworked professional ad campaigns to incorporate Covid-19. This happened so quickly, you get the sense that there may have been foreknowledge.

7. There is growing evidence to support the fact that there is an active effort to inflate (falsify) the Covid-19 death rate.

Overall, this appears to be a scare event on a global scale. This event stopped everything – President Trump’s agenda in the US, Yellow Vest movement in the EU, the Freedom movement in Hong Kong, etc.

If there is a boomerang effect, it may be this. The problem with exposing corruption is the “conspiracy theory” label. If the “conspiracy theory” label is successfully placed on a topic, most people tune out. They reason that conspiracies and hoaxes are too difficult to execute and, more importantly, no one would fall for it. They also are typically good people that are preyed upon, and these good people want to continue to confirm their bias that all people are good and would never partake in such a conspiracy. 

If it can be shown that this pandemic is a global hoax, then things change. If people found themselves wearing a homemade mask, loss of job, disrupted routines, over a hoax, they may rethink their position on conspiracy theories, opening the door to consider alternative views on 911, JFK assassination, Seth Rich, Pizzagate, Boston Bombing, Las Vegas event, as well as other concert and school shootings and bombings worldwide.

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