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Bombshell: Both Evan McMullin and John McCain tied to Neo-Nazi Linked Groups in Ukraine and “Blood & Soil” Chanting

Last updated on May 5, 2020

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By Lee Stranahan 

Lee Stranahan is the Founder of Populist TV http://Populist.TV, Co-Host FAULT LINES on Sputnik. He worked for Breitbart and is on a mission to save journalism at Lee is one of the best in the country when it comes to accuracy and pointing out facts.

Lee has recently had his YouTube Channel terminated by YouTube.

Lee is looking to do a documentary on George Soros who has interfered in many countries world wide by funding certain groups, he recently funded anti-Trump groups in the 2016 election in an attempt to spark a race war in the United States. George Soros was a Nazi collaborator when he was a teenager. Soros has stated that he does not believe there is a god and perhaps that’s the reason for him trying to ‘fix’ humanities imperfections.

Lee put out a periscope after what went on in Charlotesville where he made the Ukraine/DNC/CIA and Charlottesville connection stating: This is major stuff. I see Julian Assange has noticed this as well.

Julian Assange (Founder of Wikileaks) This connects what happened in Charlottesville last night with the CIA, establishment republicans, the DNC, you’re gonna wanna hear this, very big deal and I’m gonna take you through this in a way where I want you to do it interactively and look at stuff for your self. I want to point out a couple of striking similarities between the rally that happened, the guy who ran his car into people and the Ukrainian revolution in 2013/2014. Then am going to show how former CIA person Evan McMullin fits into the whole thing and the best part about it is there’s zero conjecture.

Evan McMullin (Former CIA) A couple things you can look up for your self: First off the guy who ran his car into people, Fields was part of a group that was in white shirts and tan pants with shields, you can see that group marching down the street in Charlottesville yesterday chanting blood and soil, look that up.

James Alex Fields (Guy who ran car into crowd) Why are they chanting blood and soil? It’s a weird thing to chant, well blood and soil is the slogan and flag of the Ukraine insurgent army. The Ukraine insurgent army was a group of people who collaborated with the Nazis in world war 2, it’s not just Hitler.

Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) veterans salute as they attend a rally in Lviv on May 24, 2015 to commemorate the heroes of the national liberation movements, those who fought for the independence of Ukraine and who were killed during the operations in the East of Ukraine. AFP PHOTO/YURIY DYACHYSHYN (Photo credit should read YURIY DYACHYSHYN/AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian insurgent army The Ukraine connection here is very clear, they have a red and black flag, look up Ukraine insurgent army, you’ll find that’s what they were chanting including the guy who ran his car into the people.

Red and Black Flags in Ukraine The torch march is also something that the Svoboda party did in Ukraine, the blood and soil flag you can see it in the Euromaidan in the Ukrainian coup that was sponsored by Obama, Clinton and Soros.

Obama, Clinton, Soros So both the torch march and blood and soil march are taken directly from the Euromaidan. Who was behind the Svoboda party? All of this stuff where Hillary Clinton and John McCain are saying that they don’t like Neo-Nazis, yes they do. They love them in Ukraine, John McCain is on stage with them, the US supported the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

John McCain (Republican Trump hater) with Neo-Nazi What purpose did the Neo-Nazis serve in Ukraine? What happened was they took a peaceful protest and they turned it violent and that kicked off a coup that got Yanukovych out. This was 2014 in Ukraine, the US media covered it up, none of this is conjecture, do the research yourself, this is what happened.

Viktor Yanukovych In fact there is an audio of Victoria Nuland who was a close Clinton confidant and Geoffrey Pyatt who is the ambassador to Ukraine for the US figuring out who was going to be in the government afterwards and she says this Neo-Nazi guy, I don’t want him in government, I want Yatz in there but I want him talking to this guy 3 or 4 times a week.

Victoria Nuland & Clinton – Victoria Nuland & Geoffrey Pyatt So in other words we want the Neo-Nazi out of view but still involved.I’m going through this stuff quickly but it’s very scary because we are seeing those same tactics being used here and we are seeing complete hypocrisy from McCain, Clinton and others.Lets tie this to Evan McMullin, McMullin was the spoiler candidate , he’s former CIA, go to his linked in resume, he dropped out of the CIA then he went to Goldman Sachs, he was brought in as the spoiler to try to take Trump out.The strategy there was… he’s Mormon, lets bring in a guy, we might split the vote in Utah where Trump had his lowest approval, thereby giving Utah to Hillary Clinton which should put her over the edge, that’s who Evan McMullin is.Why do I bring up Evan McMullin?Because he’s CIA and the CIA was involved in the Svoboda party, go look it up.In fact there’s a theory that the CIA was behind the sniper fire that really led to the violent revolution that the press all blamed on president Yanukovych.I did research tonight and I found Even McMullin was in an event in Harvard Connecticut in September during the election, that was hosted by a Ukraine National group, the national group includes veterans of the Ukraine insurgent army, in other words this group is Ukrainian nationalist. There newspaper started in 1894, it’s called Svoboda.Andrea Chalupa was also there, Andrea was doing a presentation, it would not shock me if her sister Alexander Chalupa was there but she’s not mentioned. Andrea was there doing a panel so was a representative from the Clinton campaign. Forget everything I just said and look at the optics politically.If Donald trump while running for president did a campaign stop at a group that included former SS members and they were called veterans of the SS, do you think it would of made news?I would say it would. When you look up the article that I showed you, it’s on twitter right now and we’re gonna post this all on Populist.TV, Evan McMullin and a representative of Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a stop at a group that included veterans of the Ukraine insurgent army.

If you don’t know who the Ukrainian insurgent army is… that’s what they are counting on, the fact that most people don’t know that the Ukrainian insurgent army were Nazi collaborators who killed about 30 thousand Poles and Jews in completely heinous ways, having them show up and they shot them all, they stripped the women down and shot them all, they passed with SS stuff, don’t take my word for it, read the article yourself you will see in it veterans of the Ukraine insurgent army were there then go look up who the Ukraine insurgent army is and you’ll see that everything I am telling you is true.This group goes back to 1894, it’s a Ukrainian nationalist group that’s who Evan McMullin met with.Zero press coverage.Evan McMullin’s meeting at the group shows me that this is a nationalist group, these are the same Neo-Nazis that the CIA, McCain, Nuland, Clinton, Obama and Soros were behind that helped foment a coup.So what I’m suggesting to you is they want to do a coup in the United States and what you saw yesterday in Charlottesville was direct echos of this, where they’re bringing in… the guy who ran the car into people was chanting the slogan of the Ukraine army, and I think an investigation needs to take place right away.

Lakeem Khodra

News Writer/Contributor at Tyranny News @lakeemk

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